Sport Centre

FSS Serbia – Serbian Football Federation

Outstanding football pitches and facilities including indoor area for Volleyball, are a guarantee for the best football and volley performance.

Sports Center of the Serbian Football Federation and within it, hotel Serbia LUX, is located in Stara Pazova, a small and quiet municipality, located less than 30 km from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade and 25 km from Nikola Tesla Airport. This location has provided the home of one of the best sports centers in Europe.
The complex, which covers an area of 12 hectares, provides the possibility of organizing a preparatory stay for sports selections at the highest level, and besides that it offers extremely comfortable accommodation, pleasant stay, as well as various additional recreational activities.
Good conditions for sports preparation are a guarantor of success, as confirmed by the results of the team that have stayed with us, so their success and our success. The conditions provided, in addition to the accommodation itself, are also a modern sports hall, fitness center, gym. The proximity of sports facilities, sports halls, allows athletes all the conditions in creating a physical form for achieving top results.