About us

Dear Colleagues, on behalf of Organization Committee established by few people coming from different International Banks, thank you for your interest in Champions Bank.

This is the event promoting our “5F” values: Football, Finance, Friendship, Fairness and Fun.

But above all of this, championship has become prestige annual event, set to last long, among friends from all over the world who share not only the same job and passion for soccer, but also the pleasure to consider differences as something valuable helping us to meet new people, cultures and cities. To help us work together in a better, more positive and effective way.

And once we come back home from the Tournament, we will be aware that we belong to a new group of international sports friends.

For this reason we wanted to keep the participation fees at the sustainable level to provide quality, unique experience but to be affordable to all of you and your companies. However, we need to provide and preserve qualities which differentiate Champions Bank from the other similar events. Our goal is to provide opportunity to join to as more colleagues as possible.

Moreover, let’s not forget that we were all children and nowadays there are children who can’t play. For this reason in all editions we are going to allocate a part of the admission fee to a social project in their favor.

So, taking everything into consideration, you will certainly have realized that the Champions Bank is not only a football tournament but also something different.

See you soon!